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TFS Logo Welcome to The Fellowship!

Fellowship philosophy...

We of the Fellowship share one common belief - that we are stronger together than alone... that no matter what world we choose to explore, there will always be Fellowship companions to share in the mysteries and discoveries of our adventures.

We are not nobles, kings or princesses - we are the cartographers, the explorers, the ones who will give aid to those in need. We want to enhance the experiences for all who role-play, both good and evil, for our strength is in our ability to help game wo rlds achieve their potential, as a haven for role-players looking for High Fantasy adventure.

We are the steadfast knights, frightening barbarians, timid healers, powerful magicians and more. We are from all classes and all levels of skill...our course set by the winds blowing in from the arid desert, or the dense jungles, across the mountains - o r even off the frigid seas. We are neutral in alignment - yet we help whenever we can, new adventurers especially will benefit from our excursions as we battle along side them - staving off the hideous beasts, and reaping the rewards of friendship after t he battle...

We have no requirements, no rules - save you enjoy yourself. No one man or woman is bound to us only - or forever - your course is your own and you may follow our path only as long as you enjoy it. If the Fellowship ever becomes a burden, you are welcome to part ways with us freely - yet we pray you will at least remain our friend, and fight with us should our common enemies be upon us.

Our doors are always open, you are welcome to join our explorations freely...within our humble group here are four paths...

I. Guides to help new members/players, and to escort less advanced adventurers into the dangerous areas. ..
II. Cartographers to map what we uncover, and share their discoveries with all...
III. Explorers to uncover secrets and to go into the unknown places without fear...
IV. Scholars to study the magic and lore, and record their discoveries for all to experience...
Please join us in our quests, or at least have a mug of Paldarion's finest brew and listen to our tales....they always begin with "Once upon a time, in a land far away, a great adventure had begun...."

The Fellowship.

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